Connect Technology Group was contracted to design and install a range of solutions for Micron’s new office space in Allen, Texas. This $1,500,000 project consisted of data center design, structured cabling, audio/visual, access control and electrical solutions.

The data center requirements included a hot isle containment system, (4) APC (ACRD301) InRow DX 300mm 30kW, and (12) network/server cabinets. Electrical solutions consisted of a Schneider Symmetra PX scalable UPS (250 kW MAX), (2) rows of 18’ buss ways 250 amp, (6) tap off boxes. For access control, we installed Lenel access control system, (14) camera locations, and (15) access control doors. CTG then installed a sound masking system with a three-zone Cambridge white noise system with (110) Cambridge whited noise emitters. Our structured cabling solution consisted of CommScope cabling (800 category 6/6A cabling and OM4 fiber) system certified with a Fluke DSX8000 cable analyzer.

Featured Products: CommScope, Schneider Electric, Cambridge and Lenel Senior

Project Manager: John Dermody

Designer: John Dermody, John McGill and Greg Vasquez

Sales Representative: Sean Flynn

Project Budget: $1,500,000

Lead Technician: Robert Crump (Structured Cabling), Ben Kimbrough (Access Control) and Andrew Bado (Electrician)