City of Carrollton, City Hall

Connect Technology Group was contracted for a design to build installation at The City of Carrollton, City Hall building. This $230,000 rewire project consisted of structured cabling and fiber installation. Structured Cabling (Cat 6, OM4, multi-mode/OS2 single-mode fiber, and RG-6) consisted of 800 plus cables, labeled and certified to ANSI EIA/TIA standards. CTG also built out multiple telecommunication rooms with a custom rack design. In correspondence, CTG hung basket trays within all the ceilings to funnel the cables in a cohesive and effective order. Overall, the customer was pleased with the work. We now have to opportunity to do all of Carrollton’s Low Voltage Service work and have many other projects with Carrollton on the horizon.


Tips ID Number: 200105

Strategic Partners: CommScope

Project Budget: $230,000

Sales Representative: Kamrynn Roberts

Project Manager: John Dermody RCDD, PMP

Lead Technician: Bryan Hembree