Car Parts

Connect Technology Group was contracted for a design to build installation for Car Parts, a distribution facility in Grand Prairie, TX. This $150,000 project consisted of two phases, a Structured Cabling buildout and electrical upgrades. Structured Cabling (OM3, OM4 an Cat6 ) consisted of 100 plus tested and labeled cables, along with the installation of 8 IDFs around the warehouse on structural columns. In addition to cabling, we also installed 75 wireless access points on painted plywood for ensured visibility. Our labeling strategy allowed us to show off MAC addresses, serial number and the Wireless Access point (WAP) unique identifier. Our accolade given by Car parts was our close out documentation package. Which included, shop drawings, test results, photos and as-builts.  For the electrical portion of the job, it consisted of providing new circuits for the fans, installing multiple receptacles over the Warehouse and grounding for all electrical panels and conveyer power. The customer was very satisfied with both jobs and continues to be a trusted client.  

Strategic Partners: CommScope

Project Budget: $150,000

Sales Representative: Kamrynn Roberts

Project Manager: Greg Vasquez & John Dermody

Lead Technician: Brandon Parton & Andrew Bado