Thinking About Automated Security Gates?

Oct 17, 2022

There is a myriad of reasons commercial property owners consider investing in security gates. With crime rates rising nationally, it’s a great investment, and with the new surveillance cameras and access panels used on security gates, it’s easier than ever to keep an eye on your business virtually.

Why Install Automatic Gates?

Many commercial business owners choose to install automatic gates and fencing for the convenience of tracking employees as they access the space, or for the ability to keep out unwanted solicitors who can interrupt workflow and productivity. Some business owners seek to protect their businesses from theft and vandalism. Still, others find the cost of hiring security guards around the clock to be budget-busting, and look for alternate solutions.

Converting Your Manual Gate to a Swing Gate

But, what if you’ve already installed a manual gate and want to automate it? There are many things to consider: If you’ve already constructed a swing gate or a double-swing gate, you need to determine whether the posts used to install the gate are amenable to a conversion from manual to automatic – for example:

• If your gates are hung using steel plates or steel posts attached to
a brick base, you’re likely not going to have to replace anything,
but you may be limited in the types of swing gate operators that
you can install.
• If your gates are installed with wood posts, you will need to hire a
professional service to replace the wood posts with steel posts in
order to accommodate an automatic system.
• If your gates are installed and attached to steel that’s embedded
in concrete, you’re in the best situation possible, but you may still
have a few obstacles to incorporating an automated gate and
keypad access system.

Obviously, if you have a wood gate, your manual swing gate hinges (the ones securing the gate to the posts) will need to be replaced, and if you own a wooden swing gate, the frame won’t work – so wooden gates have to be completely replaced unless the wood is thick, durable, hardwood – or, often, a workaround is to construct a steel frame around your wood frame gate to make it able to handle automation.

Types of Gates That Can Be Converted

As mentioned above, you can augment your wooden gate to make it ready for automation, but some gates don’t need many conversions to work beautifully. Steel frame swing gates, for example, pose no obstacles to automation and are ideal for conversion from manual to automatic. And did you know that chain link swing gates work well with automation? They work well but with one caveat – chain link gates cannot have significant sagging or flexing or they won’t convert at all, so you need to be sure your chain link gate is very solid.

How You Can Maintain Your Automated Gates

Once you’ve invested in automatic gates for your commercial business, you must protect your investment with proper maintenance. The checklist below is something any business owner can do themselves:

1. Inspect your gate regularly to make sure they’re in proper
working order
2. Lubricate the chain, roller, pulley and hinges of your gate
3. Watch for rust and corrosion on your gate and mitigate them
immediately when you find it
4. Clean your gate regularly – washing and waxing your gate will
eliminate the need to refurbish it later on
5. Check all the functions of your gate monthly
6. Check the keypads and surveillance camera mounts near the
gates (as applicable) every month

These are the DIY maintenance procedures but for more complicated fixes, you should always contact a professional.

When To Contact A Professional

For more complicated installation, maintenance or repair procedures, it’s best to call a professional. After all, you want to protect your investment and ensure that whatever problems arise, will be fixed accurately, promptly and efficiently. At Connect Technology Group (CTG) we’re here to assist you with all your automatic gate installation, repair and maintenance needs. We’ve been in business since 2011 and we have experts on our team who will have the tenure and knowledge necessary to do the job right. CTG is your one-stop shop for installation, preventative maintenance and routine checks for your security gates, entry pad systems, surveillance cameras and more.

We do it all and we’ll do the job right. We’re owner-operated in Carrollton, Texas – and we do all things related to security, electrical, audio/visual, and cabling.