A large, green walk-in generator placed outside

Cold Snaps and Heat Waves: Is Your Business Prepared?

Feb 14, 2023

In Texas, you never know what the weather will bring each day, particularly during February. Ancillary Back-Up Systems are essential for protecting your business during heat waves and cold snaps. Preparedness in these extreme weather conditions is even more important for places like hospitals, data centers and IT rooms requiring network and phone equipment.

The most common form of back-up power for businesses are standby diesel and natural gas generators. These stationary stand-alone generators are used in an array of businesses and fields when the power grid fails, including but not limited to: hospitals, military bases, emergency services, ports, airports, and many other commercial facilities. 

Automatic Transfer Switches are another way to ensure the power at your business stays up and running. These devices are used to reroute power and start your back-up generator. During the switch, it is imperative that it is smooth and the power interruption is brief, especially in hospitals, where a few seconds down could be catastrophic. A way to bridge the potential gap between utility power and generator is with batteries. Additionally, select Automatic Transfer Switches can detect potential grid failure and initiate the transfer before the power goes out.

Having a back-up battery for critical devices is something else to consider when preparing for a potential grid failure. This can help ensure device data is not lost if and when the power goes out. You never know when it could happen, and protecting the data from loss or breach is imperative. 

If this sounds like something you’re interested in, you’ve come to the right place! At Connect Technology Group, we work closely with facility managers and IT Directors to design critical systems for electrical preparedness. We work with all types of businesses and understand the importance of being prepared. 

We’re Proven, Ready and Trusted to get the job done right. 

A large, green walk-in generator placed outside