From small, single-facilities to large commercial facilities, CTG’s team of certified electrical technicians can provide the full range of electrical services, from solution design to renovation/optimization, repair and ongoing maintenance. In partnership with leading manufacturers, we’re ready and able to deliver customized solutions that will keep your enterprise up-and-running, safe, comfortable, energy efficient, scalable, and in compliance with any applicable regulatory mandates. Contact one of our Electrical Specialists today.

Electrician on a stepladder installs lighting into the ceiling

Power Systems (up to 35KV)

CTG specializes in upgrades to commercial facilities, including the following:

  • Power distribution
  • Switchgears
  • Panels
  • Subpanels
  • Transformers
  • Disconnects
  • Critical power busways

Critical Electrical Systems

CTG will work closely with facility managers and/or IT directors for designing critical systems. Locations such as hospitals, data centers and/or IT rooms require the network IT and phone equipment from losing power.

  • Standby diesel or natural gas generators
  • Automatic transfer switches
  • UPS battery back-up solutions – high powered partner of APC
Drop lights hanging from ceiling of modern-style home

Lighting Solutions

CTG provides clients with lighting solutions for new installations, maintenance and LED retrofitting to an existing facility. CTG has the resources and equipment needed to manage every client’s needs.

  • Interior and exterior lighting
  • LED lighting
  • LED retrofit
  • (POE) power over Ethernet
  • Recycling and disposal of existing lamps and ballasts
  • Energy consumption analysis

Moves, Adds and Changes

CTG’s electrical team has the capacity and knowledge to create and execute any changes, moves and additions to current projects. In this current state of uncertainty, being able to make quick and efficient adjustments is critical to an office space.


  • Cubicle electrical whips
  • Dedicated circuits for critical equipment
  • Duplex and/or quad receptacles for
    • TVS
    • Desks
    • Ups
    • PDUs
    • Printers & Copiers

Workmanship Compliance

  • Up to date with the NFPA
  • Bi-weekly safety meetings
  • Yearly OSHA training
  • Heavy machinery training


Electric Vehicle Charging

EV Charging Stations are a great way for your business to show a commitment to sustainability, earn revenue, and prepare for the future. CTG can help you navigate everything you need to know about EV Charging Stations, like:

  • What is needed to design, engineer, install and maintain EV Charging in Texas
  • Overcoming real and perceived roadblocks to EV Charging installation decisions
  • Resources to help make the right EV decisions for your business
Drop lights hanging from ceiling of modern-style home

Preventive Maintenance

Electrical maintenance requirements vary from project to project. We start and end each job with the mindset of surpassing the need of our clients to keep the lights on. Our preventive maintenance program ensures we find the problem before it becomes the issue.


  • Facilities audit measurements and verification
  • Grounding testing and surveys
  • Photometric views
  • Torque, test, clean, and inspect gear
      • Switchgears
      • Panels
      • Subpanels
      • Transformers

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